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American-made Music, the Genuine Article!

Welcome to The Company Store's home page, where authentic, American-made, traditional string-band music is alive and well! In spite of every generation thinking they've rediscovered a lost music and brought it back from nigh certain extinction, patrons of the Company Store know this music ain't dead, and it ain't a-hibernatin' neither! They know where to find it, and now you do, too! Just down the road from you, the music and fun is alive and kickin' like a hard-working mule team. Every week, on a heart-pine floor in Virginia's rolling countryside, those nice folks cook up a fresh batch of American-made music and get it ready for delivery. Those folks make up the staff at

The Company Store

Marianne Lampert –guitar
Doug Shackelford – banjo
Don Golladay – bass
Paul Muller  –  fiddle
(they all sing!)

Mixing together the all-natural ingredients of America's own music, fiddle melodies from Virginia's Appalachians, tight harmonies from Kentucky's bluegrass and moving spirituals from the Carolina hills, then folding in some hearty laughter, they stock the Store with an assortment of vocal refrains, good fiddlin' and country humor that some say can turn apple cider vinegar into sweet maple syrup.

Have a Listen! Sample a musical morsel?
When you first enter the Store, their hospitality will grab you, compelling you to sit a spell and over-indulge on their can't-stop-grinnin' offerings. Sure, the music is good, but the Store staff serves up more than music. They create brand-new old-fashioned good times, with the energy of a barn-raisin' and the "Ya'll come" hospitality of Sunday supper at Grandma and Grampa's.

once you see and hear them gather around the ol' microphone, takin' turns with the playin', singin', and jokin', you'll learn for yourself why the Company Store rightly deserves their reputation for providing high quality, infectious, fit-for-the-family, string-band entertainment. So, if you're ready for some savory, homemade fiddlin' and fun "roots music", drop in on the staff at:

The Company Store

American-made Music, the Genuine Article!

Telephone To reach the Store, please email Here

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